Coinbase Comes Out Against Bitcoin Exchanges’ Hard Fork Statement


Brian Armstrong, Coinbase’s CEO, publicly pronounced he does not support the statement of around 20 bitcoin exchanges that says that in a eventuality of a tough flare they will list a Bitcoin Core sequence as BTC regardless of a longest sequence or, presumably, regardless of cost and other factors. Armstrong said:

“It doesn’t make clarity to contend BTC can usually be mutated by one growth team. If there is strenuous support from miners and users around any new chronicle of a program (regardless of who wrote it), afterwards we consider that will be called Bitcoin (or BTC).”

Another exchange, Yunbi, has come out to say that they “respect a preference of a marketplace and crush power, and will follow a longest BTC blockchain if tough flare happened.”

This creates a intensity conditions whereby some exchanges will list a Bitcoin Core sequence as BTC while others will list a Bitcoin Unlimited sequence as BTC if Bitcoin Unlimited gains a infancy of hashrate, that is really expected if they do fork.

In such cases, users on

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