Coinbase Expands 3D Secure Card-Enabled Bitcoin Purchase Across Europe

Bitcoin Company Coinbase has announced support for buying Bitcoin with 3D Secure-enabled credit and debit cards for the users in 26 countries in Europe.

We had earlier reported that the company had launched this feature for those who have their base in the UK and Spain.

Coinbase, for the benefit of its consumers, has also issued instructions that will help them sail through. The process is listed as under:

  1. First, the new users will have to sign up for an account while the existing users can simply sign in and then click on the payments method page. Once here, they need to click on the tab that reads “Add Credit / Debit Card”.
  1. Once an eligible card has been added, then a user will be able to select the payment method from the buy page to instantly purchase Bitcoin in GBP or EUR.
  1. It should be kept in mind that since credit and debit cards will not require a customer to pre-fund their Coinbase account with a bank transfer, therefore, customers can now receive Bitcoin much faster.

The 3D Secure enables two-factor authentication for making purchases with a credit or debit card and it is supported by most banks in Europe and the UK. In case of any doubts, a user will have to contact the bank to determine if the card he possesses supports 3D Secure.

Otherwise, a user can also simply try adding it to his Coinbase account, in case the card is not accepted and in the event that a user gets an error message, then it means that the card does not support 3D Secure.

Coinbase has been staying in news of late quite regularly, we had earlier reported that it has shared a new version of its iOS app with the users and prior to that the company had also launched the Instant Exchange in mid-June this year. – leading Bitcoin News source since 2012