Coinbase Faces Hate On r/Bitcoin, Love on r/btc

Coinbase Faces Hate On r/Bitcoin, Love on r/btc

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Two competing Bitcoin forums on popular social media website strike a startlingly different tone when it comes to one of the most popular and influential corporations in the Bitcoin industry: Coinbase.

Bitcoiners like to express disdain for leading Bitcoin wallet service and exchange Coinbase on r/Bitcoin, the Bitcoin forum moderated by the controversial administrator Theymos, who faces criticism for censorship. R/btc, which sprouted as an alternative to r/bitcoin, strikes a more positive tone when it comes to the San Francisco startup.

On Reddit, where Bitcoiners love to engage in lively debate, post after post appears disparaging the San Francisco-based Bitcoin startup. For example:

People seem to hate coinbase. What is the next user-friendly place I can easily buy and sell coins?

Why is everyone bashing Coinbase?

What’s with all the Coinbase hate?

Even on Coinbase’s own help Community, a post entitled “I hate coinbase” shares the sentiment.

Some have wondered if Coinbase is the victim of a PR attack.

With Bitcoiners expressing consistent skepticism – most recently people lobbied claims that the Bitcoin and ether exchange

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