Coinbase Hackathon: And the winner is… Mailman!

The programmers of the paywall application “Mailman” won the second big Coinbase Hackathon and thus Bitcoin worth 10,000 US dollars. The system can reward users in Bitcoin and uses the block chain technology to select and filter spam. In addition to the prize money Mailman personal mentoring got a place in the Boost VC Prgramm included (value: 50,000 US dollars).

The second place prize of US $ 5,000 went to the developers of SatoshiPay, a paywall application for publishers. With the software, online magazines or blogs can put a paywall that the contents of a page (eg, an article) only releases once the user has paid a certain amount in BTC. The third place went to the Bitcoin payment provider Rebittance (3,000 US dollars) and BlockchainME made it to fourth place ($ 500). BlockchaionME allows verification of specially created on the Block Chain cards (IDs).

The competition is a total of 84 participants took part from 12 different countries. In the jury of Coinbase Hackathon sat Adam Draper, Chris Dixon, Fred Wilson and Gavin Andresen.

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