Coinbase Launches Instant Exchange to Help Users Avoid Bitcoin Volatility


Coinbase users can now send bitcoin payments without being exposed to the digital currency’s volatility

Users with a fiat wallet (must be verified in order to get it) allows use of Bitcoin’s global payment network without being exposed to the price of the digital currency. Coinbase’s Instant Exchange deducts an equal amount to the bitcoin the user wants to send, effectively exchanging the two. The service is similar to one offered by Coinbase to bitcoin-accepting merchants.

As of today, Instant Exchange is available for users with a USD, EUR, or GBP wallet. After typing the bitcoin address and chosing a fiat wallet, users can hit the “Instant Exchange” button, and then send. A bitcoin amount equal to the fiat selected will be sent instantly, without exposing the user to bitcoin’s notorious volatility. The startup’s standard conversion fee of 15 cents will be deducted from each conversion, but sending payments to other Coinbase users is free.

The bitcoin is deducted from the user’s fiat wallet and not his or her digital currency wallet, meaning it can also serve as a way for users to instantly sell their bitcoin.

A different model

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