Coinbase-linked Bitcoin Savings Account BSHARE in $400k Investment

UK-based Bitcoin savings account service has announced closure of a US$400,000 seed funding round.

BSAVE, the brainchild of former Société Générale analyst Jonathan Azeroual, announced the investment from a still unknown source in a press release Monday.

“Bitcoin and digital crypto-currencies may be best suited to disrupt finance and become a global platform for storing and exchanging value,” Azeroual said. “BSAVE aims to unlock this potential by introducing a paradigm shift for online savings.”

The principle behind BSAVE lies in an algorithmically-calculated dividend paid on balances stored with the service, which is directly linked to Coinbase accounts and is therefore dependent upon users signing up with the wallet provider.

According to BSAVE, Coinbase, which has previously received criticism for its user identification requirements and data sharing practices, was chosen as a partner “due to their stringent security procedures and their large customer base.”

Other market offerings such as Magnr, which offers a fixed 2.18% return over a six-month period, do not place this prerequisite on prospective users.

Nonetheless, the savings account is something of a growing trend as a storage solution for dormant BTC funds on the market

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