Coinbase on Bitcoin Patents: ‘Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game’

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong responded to the backlash against his company when it was revealed that it filed nine Bitcoin patent applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).


The USPTO was said to have received the submissions on March 17 of this year. Immediately after this news went public it created quite the stir in the community mostly upset with the Coinbase decision. Many took to social media to voice their opinion including Bitcoin Core developer Jeff Garzik who said:

“Contrast: 1. Coinbase Patents 9 Bitcoin Products 2. Tesla: All Our Patent Are Belong To You, Publicly calling on bitcoin companies to follow the Linux route and defensively pool patents for collective good.”

Coinbase responds

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong responded by telling him that they needed to research how they felt about patents. He also explained that the intent of the patents were not to drive smaller companies out of business, but to protect themselves from services “engaging in patent warfare.” Still many in the community were not pleased by this response calling Coinbase “evil” and asking how they can patent ideas they did not invent.

Armstrong, seemingly concerned with the public backlash, penned an

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