Coinbase Reportedly Compensates Double Billing Victims with Bitcoin

Coinbase has reportedly decided to compensate the victims of its double billing glitch with Bitcoin.

According to an email acquired by the Altcoin Press, the San Francisco-based company lately had a technical issue on its platform, due to which its platform started charging customers twice for each Bitcoin purchasing order. The error affected around 25 Coinbase customers between August 28th and September 1st.

But instead of reimbursing the wrongly debited funds back to their rightful owners, Coinbase decided to process the duplicate order — a forceful sell — and credit the users’ accounts with Bitcoins. Following is an excerpt from the mail sent by the Coinbase Support Team:

“Because the initial ACH debit and the duplicate ACH debit have both processed on your account we will be crediting your Coinbase account with the correct amount of bitcoin for each order from both the initial buy and the duplicate buy. This credit will take place early next week when the ACH transfer has completed.”

The Bitcoin community was quick to react, arguing how a company can possibly process a order without users’ permission, and return a product whose value is relatively lower than what it was at the time of double billing.

“If you

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