Coinbase Still ‘De-Listed’ from as GitHub Request Rejected

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Coinbase Still ‘De-Listed’ from as GitHub Request Rejected

The scrutiny is on as a GitHub pull request to merge Coinbase back into the system was opened 13 days ago. A claim that 95% of overwhelming support for this action has been made on an /r/bitcoin post and other forums that once again has got the community all riled up.

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“It’s not about altcoins, it’s about a wallet that clearly supports Bitcoin. @ Cobra probably should just close this (request) as it seems like while it enjoys a clear majority for reinstatement you will not merge it.” 

— Brian Hoffman, CEO Open Bazaar 

A few weeks back CEO Brian Armstrong had announced via Twitter that Coinbase would be testing the Bitcoin XT back at their lab. Almost immediately after this announcement the person who’s currently in charge of named Cobra had said he would remove Coinbase from their website. The volunteer website consisting of Cobra, Theymos and others followed through with the threat and had the San Francisco-based company removed. This action had made the community go into a frenzy on various media outlets and social platforms.

During this debacle,

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