CoinDesk’s Most Influential People in Bitcoin and Blockchain 2015


As we look back over yet another fascinating year for bitcoin, it’s natural to assess the individuals that helped influence the industry.

This year, of course, it’s not just about bitcoin anymore: the technology underlying bitcoin, the blockchain, has taken own a life of its own, with institutional interest in blockchains almost reaching a frenzy. In a development that would have seemed almost impossible a year ago, banks and major financial institutions are starting up blockchain projects to probe the possibilities of the technology.

The industry needs influencers to point the way on technical or regulatory issues, to build awareness, to dream up revolutionary new solutions to serious global problems and to build elegant new enterprises to take this exciting emerging tech to the masses.

We had our own ideas as to who those people were in 2015 and we also asked you, the public, to give us your opinions in our reader poll.

For this year’s top 10 list, we took into account the year’s biggest events, the nominees’ individual contributions to the community and the results of our poll.

So, who reached the top 10 this year? Read on to find out…

10. Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee at Bitcoin 2014

The CEO of Beijing-based bitcoin exchange BTCC (previously BTC China), Lee has been

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