Coinffeine Opens to 70 Countries in Largest-ever Crypto Expansion

World-first decentralized exchange Coinffeine has announced its launch in over 70 countries in the largest international expansion program ever undertaken by a Bitcoin startup.

The exchange, announced in November 2014 and running in Beta for the past two months, will now offer international usage options via third-party payment processors with limited liquidity. Markets include SEPA countries, Russia, China, and Indonesia.

Speaking in a press release regarding the launch, CEO Alberto Gómez Toribio said he was confident the technology had arrived to provide users with a serious alternative to the current market players. He said:

“To use Coinffeine is as simple as using LocalBitcoins, but as powerful as using Coinbase or BitStamp.”

Coinffeine works on a P2P model based around a zero-trust deposit system, allowing users to maintain full control over their Bitcoin at all times while undertaking completely private trading. The technology also negates the need for Coinffeine to devote time and resources, financial or otherwise, to following the requisite KYC requirements in a given jurisdiction.

Coinffeine CEO Alberto Gmez Toribio

“Not having to identify users or enforce KYC laws has allowed us to design a much more scalable exchange model,”

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