Coinify Acquires Coinzone in a Deal That Accelerates the Consolidation of European Bitcoin Services

In May Bitcoin Magazine reported on the European expansion initiatives and plans of two European Bitcoin startups, Coinify and Coinzone, respectively based in Denmark and The Netherlands.

“We expect to raise [funds] to make sure that Europe will be playing a leading role in this new payment space,” said Coinify Chief Financial Officer Christian Larson.

“Growing European demand for Bitcoin means more and more consumers want a simple and secure way to transact,” said Coinzone co-founder and CEO Manuel Heilmann. “Our aim is to make it easy for European consumers to do more with bitcoin.”

Both companies expressed the need for Bitcoin solutions tailored to European users. In particular, some aspects of European regulations, both national and European Union (EU) -wide, must be addressed – for example, consumer protection and data privacy regulations.

Now the two startups have decided to join forces. A press release published on the Coinify site announces that Coinify will be taking over the operations of Coinzone. Coinzone will bring development and volume to the table, and this new partnership will result in a number of new opportunities for customers of both platforms.

“We welcome

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