Coinigy Raises $100k to Boost Bitcoin Trading Suite

Coinigy has raised $100,000 in private seed funding to expand its suite of bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading tools.

Launched by former hobbyist traders William Kale and Rob Borden, the US-based company allows users to aggregate pricing data at 24 bitcoin exchanges through a central interface that includes real-time charting and technical analysis features.

In addition to popular bitcoin exchanges such as Bitfinex and Coinbase, the platform also supports exchanges that trade more than 100 altcoins.


Kale explained that Coinigy is designed to help traders better respond to changing market conditions, thereby allowing them to trade more effectively.

Kale told CoinDesk:

“It’s definitely a benefit to traders in terms of increasing their profitability. We offer special order types that most exchanges don’t offer like trailing stops and stop losses, so those things can definitely help preserve profit.”

Borden added that Coinigy will be looking to use the funds, in part, to complete the development of Android and iOS apps that he estimated will be out within months.

“We definitely have in our plans in the near future to branch out. We’re vetting translators at the moment,” he added.

Coinigy is currently available in English and for desktops only.


Coinigy’s co-founders discussed a

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