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Coinimal And Bitstamp Make Using And Buying Bitcoin Easier

Bitcoin is gradually integrating with traditional currency, as two recent innovations demonstrate.

Coinimal, a Vienna, Austria-based crypto broker, has launched a service to allow customers to use bitcoins for purchases on Bitstamp, meanwhile, is making it easier to buy bitcoin with credit and debit cards.

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Coinimal users can now receive an voucher code via email by paying for the voucher with bitcoins. The process takes one to three blockchain confirmations.

Buy Amazon Vouchers With Bitcoin

Users can redeem their voucher against purchases on the marketplace. Eric Demuth, Coinimal co-CEO, said it is now possible to buy anything on with bitcoin.

There are no fees on bitcoin transactions when purchasing Amazon vouchers. If a customer spends €100 in bitcoins, they receive the market price for their coins along with a €100 voucher. is fully cooperating in the partnership, according to Paul Klanschek, Coinimal co-CEO. “This makes it incredibly fast and convenient to spend you bitcoins on,” he said.

There is no verification required for the service. Customers can buy up to €5,000 of vouchers each day using only their email address. They can spend the vouchers or send them to family and friends.

There is a €25 minimum order and a €5,000 maximum per day. Users can purchase any denomination.

Users can pay for all or part of a purchase using the vouchers. Once a user redeems a voucher, the unspent balance stays as a credit on their account for the next purchase.

Coinimal is the only provider for this service.

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Buy Bitcoin With Credit Cards

Bitstamp, meanwhile, announced it is allowing customers in Slovenia and the United Kingdom to buy bitcoin using MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards. Bitstamp will soon make the option available to other countries in Europe. The option is available in cooperation with Bitstamp’s partner, Vogogo, a Calgary, Canada-based payment processor.

Users simply go to the deposit page and select “credit card” from the side menu. They then choose the amount of money they want to spend, then enter their card information and click “submit.”

Bitstamp has a $300 daily limit and a $1,500 weekly limit for purchasing bitcoin in this manner.

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