Coinjar Withdrawals Delayed Due To Bitcoin Wallet Outage

Coinjar users had quite the scare earlier today, as outgoing Bitcoin transactions were not always correctly processed. Apparently, the company has been facing a wallet outage, and the managed to resolve this matter a few hours ago.

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Coinjar Wallet Outage Is Problematic

TheMerkle_Bitcoin Wallet Outage Coinjar

The issue was initially reported on the forum by a user who was having an issue with Coinjar earlier today. Withdrawing funds seemed to work as it always has, but the outgoing transactions were never recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain. This caused some confusion among platform users, as not being able to withdraw money from a platform is always a worry.

As it turns out, Coinjar has been dealing with a Bitcoin wallet issue, and the team has been working hard on coming up with a solution. According to the Coinjar website, the issue was resolved several hours ago, although it is unclear as to whether or not all of the transactions have been sent out by now.

This news is not positive for Coinjar by any means,  as the Australian Bitcoin company does not

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