Coinkite Launches Direct-To-Wallet, Private, e-commerce Payment Buttons

Bitcoin wallet platform Coinkite beefs up it’s offering today with a novel new function that gives all bitcoin wallet holders a super-simple e-commerce solution. This “buy now” button can be easily placed on websites, and then it routes all payments back into their Coinkite wallets.

The button appears to be an ideal solution for donations too, abecause addresses are rotated and preserved. This function is typically found in enterprise-level wallets, giving both a privacy and an accounting advantage.

Perhaps most impressively, Coinkite users can accept these payments with a strong degree of privacy because it does not require javascript nor cookies, and the button can even send payment through the TOR privacy network.

Since it was already possible to get free Coinkite wallets anonymously, this would allow merchants who value their privacy to sell items for bitcoin very easily. The buttons can be used to sell almost anything to anyone, anywhere online. While traditional payment systems and existing bitcoin payment solutions are typically heavy-handed when it comes to such matters, two-year old Coinkite has so far always allowed its users complete anonymity and the full responsibility that goes with that freedom.

Peter Gray, Coinkite

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