Coinmap Launches A New Version With Added Features

Despite its popularity the website has never really changed, and had a very clunky user experience, making it frustrating to use and ugly to look at. That has now changed with the release of Coinmap 2.0 by Satoshi Labs, an umbrella company for several bitcoin businesses. The new update comes with a total revamp of the website’s design and functionality.

The old website was a simple hack of OpenStreetMap. The new website has been rebuilt to have a sleek and modern design, it features a heat map of bitcoin businesses when zoomed out, and individual merchants when zoomed in closer. They have also added numerous new features, including reviews and a search tool.

Following the new update people can give businesses a rating of 1-5 stars, as well as add comments to the merchant’s map profile. Merchants don’t need to make an account at OpenStreetMap to post or edit their business on the map, which is now optimized for mobile devices.

Perhaps, the biggest feature is the new search capability. Prior to this update you could not search for businesses,  now you can do so with text or through categories, such as nightlife, restaurants, and cafe. Besides businesses you can also find and search for bitcoin atms, so you can easily buy or sell Bitcoin. Lastly, with new accounts people are able to ‘like’ businesses which then show up in a column of their profile, working as a bookmark for your favorite bitcoin businesses.

Supercharging the service is a new API, it now can be included into other projects and apps.

A weekend project

Though it served a great need in the bitcoin community, an easy way to find brick and mortar business that accept bitcoin, and was part of an already established company, the project

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