CoinMate Enables Bitcoin Cash Purchases in 150 Countries

Following the announcement of its partnership with payment provider MoneyPolo, UK-based CoinMate has enabled Bitcoin cash purchases in over 150 countries.

The Bitcoin startup, as per its comments to media, was heavily focussing on eliminating the need of banks while selling/purchasing Bitcoin. And then they found MoneyPolo, a renowned cash transfer company with services spread across over 100 countries. CoinMate strategically decided to integrate the said company onto their platform, while admitting to have been impressed by its cost effective cash withdrawal and deposit services. Nonetheless, this tactical move has now placed the Bitcoin trading firm in over 150 brick-and-mortar locations around the globe.

“Most Bitcoin markets work with bank deposits and bank withdrawals, however it is estimated that 40% of the world’s adult population has no bank account and an even greater share is limited to local transfers,” the CoinMate’s representative Roman Valihrach told CoinTelegraph. “MoneyPolo account allows cost effective cash deposits and cash withdrawals in more than 100 countries of the world through their partnership networks. That’s why we decided to integrate MoneyPolo into CoinMate.”

CoinMate is now reportedly planning to integrate the Sofort instant bank deposit method by next month.

On UK Bitcoin Regulations

CoinMate considers itself fortunate enough to have been operating

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