offers indie game bundles for your BitCoin


Whispering Willows, available on Coinplay.Io

Kansas City based digital game store has launched game bundles to help developers sell more copies of their games.

In March, launched a brand new website ahead of their demo day pitch at BetaBlox, a Kansas City ­based startup incubator. At the event, Shane Park, CEO and co-­founder of, explained to a combined audience of 1,500 attendees over two days the aim of their business: to make selling PC games better.

Although the digital game store was originally concepted in March 2014 to sell PC games to consumers using various cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin, LiteCoin, and DogeCoin, extensive customer validation and mentoring from BetaBlox has helped the company narrow in on game bundles as their most lucrative first step.

“Before BetaBlox, everything I thought about business was just an assumption. Most businesses are a series of assumptions strung together,” said Park. “What BetaBlox did is teach us lean startup principles and challenged us with mentor lectures. It retrained us how to think and made us want to iterate. We put our product out there and get feedback on it.”

It was that feedback that has helped to secure partnerships with several independent developers, as

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