CoinPoint: The marketing agency for Bitcoin companies

We’re all aware how hard it is to start an online Bitcoin business. Although the crypto community is quickly growing and trying to make this process as smooth as possible, there are still some massive hurdles that one has to overcome.

One of the things most Bitcoin companies struggle with is marketing, but there is one company out there that decided to fulfill this need by creating a range of services dedicated to helping Bitcoin businesses with their marketing needs.

SydneyCoinPoint is an Australian company, which started its operations in 2013 and is now gaining quite the reputation in the Bitcoin industry.

Although their major clients tend to be online gambling sites that support digital currency, they also provide services to Bitcoin startups, exchanges and mining companies.

The company’s main goal is to help emerging cryptocurrency startups with their marketing strategies. CoinPoint majorly focuses on helping clients build a stronger brand identity and improve their marketing efforts. Some of the services offered by CoinPoint are:

Bitcoin Pay Per Click

We’re all aware that PPC is essential for digital marketing. With this service, CoinPoint aims to offer its clients affordable and promising leads, thereby helping companies gain a better return on investment at a reasonable price.

Bitcoin Search Engine Optimization

Search engine traffic is long known for its ability to produce a consistent flow of sales along with huge amounts of online traffic. CoinPoint helps Bitcoin companies make their presence known around the internet by optimizing search engine results for them.

Bitcoin affiliation

Other than SEO, many companies rely on their own affiliate program to attract new users. CoinPoint claims to be an affiliate marketing master and they actually have several positive testimonials to vouch for this claim.

Bitcoin content

Good content is an essential complement to any company’s marketing efforts. CoinPoint believes good content delivers value, which is essential when the goal is to create a good impression. With so much mediocre content online these days, the company focuses on creating and publishing engaging, high quality content to their clients.

Bitcoin design

The design of a website has a significant role in the perception of any company, but especially if that company is a startup that is trying to grow its brand. In today’s world, if a website lacks engaging content and an attractive design, then a user is always going for the better alternative. Besides content, the company also helps clients with their design needs thanks to expert graphic designers and web designers that work under the company’s wing. The team promises to create innovative and proactive designs according to each client’s needs.

Bitcoin Branding

Branding is an integral part of any marketing campaign. If a company doesn’t have a unique brand, a then it is hard to stand out from the crowd and deliver its message. Doing this successfully is what generates credibility in the business industry. CoinPoint can help your company build a strong online brand specifically tailored to help promote your services, while making your brand notable.

Bitcoin email marketing

Email marketing is essential to the success of any marketing campaign. The way to your customer’s inbox is to have a campaign that not only has great content, but also a good design. The other crucial aspect of successful email marketing is campaign management. CoinPoint provides both services and can help achieve maximum results thanks to the effort of their dedicated team.


The company also offers consultation services. Their expertise lies in working with Bitcoin brands, cryptocurrency markets and casinos. They also help with any branding efforts companies might need consulting in. CoinPoint credibility can be proven from some of positive feedback they have gotten from their popular clients in the past. Some of them include Bitcoin Poker, Americas Cardroom, 7BitCasino, and BTC-e.

Also, leading gambling resource and mining platform CoinChoose is one of CoinPoint’s partners.

The thing that differentiates CoinPoint from all other marketing companies is their vast knowledge and experience in helping digital currency companies with their marketing efforts. With all their clients using Bitcoins, they know their way around the cryptocurrency marketing world fairly well.

CoinPoint is also very active in participating in the community. They have been at many conventions, events and expos in the Bitcoin industry including the Global Gaming Expo Asia and London Affiliate Conference and are always looking to widen their network and create more business opportunities for themselves, as well as their clients.

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