Coinsource Installs Low Fee Bitcoin ATM In San Francisco

Coinsource, a bitcoin ATM network, has installed a new bitcoin ATM at Mission Groceries at 2128 Mission Street in the heart of San Francisco, California.

“Coinsource is proud to announce our first bitcoin ATM in San Francisco,” said Coinsource Managing Partner Sheffield Clark. “In particular, we’re delighted to install a low fee bitcoin ATM in the heart of the Mission, easily available to both neighborhood locals and visitors alike.”

The new machine is conveniently located as Mission Groceries is easy to get to by any mode of transportation, making the bitcoin ATM easily accessible.

In addition, Coinsource’s GenesisCoin bitcoin ATM claims to offer low prices to buy bitcoin, with rates starting at 7% that get lower with higher volume purchases.

“We are committed to providing the highest level support to our customers and guarantee always-low fees. All our machines adhere to cutting-edge security standards and provide simple, convenient, instantaneous transfers compatible with any bitcoin mobile wallet,” Clark added. 

The website lists various BTMs installed across the US, which includes locations in New York, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Palo Alto, Dallas, Fort Worth, Jamaica and San Diego. The Coinsource bitcoin ATM in San Francisco is the 18th machine of the network.

The press release said that the new machine is the third bitcoin ATM in San Francisco and the only one open every day until 2:00 AM. – leading Bitcoin News source since 2012