Coinstructors Proposes Disruptive “Blockchain Solution For Greece” Amid Eurozone Crisis; is Bitcoin 2.0 The Answer


Bitcoin Press Release:
London formed digital banking consultancy Coinstructors is gratified to announce their latest plan “A Blockchain Solution For Greece”; as good as a partnership with PR organisation Bitcoin PR Buzz, and many sparkling events, projects, and seminars.

Digital Currency consultancy CoinstructorsHackcoin and online seminars “Mind The Gap Expo” organizers – are forging poignant partnerships opposite several digital banking sectors and jurisdictions.

The many disruptive plan is A Blockchain Solution for Greece. Originally a side plan for a white paper for an Asset corroborated Digital Token for an island value 500 000 Euros. After deeper investigate and a find of a good Greek Fire sale of a country’s assets, a plan has stretched into a genuine life scrutiny project. Can a blockchain indeed solve genuine universe issues or is it simply vaporware.

1One Thing Challenge alongside Brian Kelly “Fast Money Commentator” will be moderating a special row of guest and was already featured on Read more ... source: