CoinWallet to Disrupt Bitcoin Network in the Name of Stress Test, Again!

The bitcoin network has been growing in an exponential pace since its inception in 2009. As the number of transactions on the bitcoin network increases, the time taken to process these transactions will also increase. The bitcoin network wasn’t really subjected to extensive testes before it was adopted across the world. One of the well-known bitcoin company, CoinWallet has already conducted stress test without much success.

CoinWallet plans to conduct another stress test on Thursday at around 10 AM (GMT). The company claims this upcoming stress test to be its biggest experiment till date. The stress test has the potential of creating a backlog of transactions for up to 30 days. The disruption of services may affect bitcoin users across the world, who might have to wait for unusually long hours for their transactions to be executed.

CoinWallet believes that the stress test is important to demonstrate the importance of Bitcoin XT. However, it has not gone well with some people from the bitcoin community who feel that the company is abusing the huge, live bitcoin network with billions of dollars’ worth of bitcoin.

The COO of CoinWallet, James Wilson has not offered any specifics about the

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