Coinzone brings Bitcoin services to Poland

Coinzone brings Bitcoin services to PolandCoinzone brings Bitcoin services to Poland

Warsaw, the financial and economic hub of Poland.

Coinzone, an Amsterdam-based Bitcoin payment solution provider that targets the European market, announced Tuesday the launch of its merchant payment services in Poland.

The company’s solution incorporates market-specific language and payment processing localizations that offer merchants the option of settlement in Poland’s currency, the Zloty.

Coinzone says its fully compliant payment services, which require no subscriptions or monthly fees, will make it safe and easy for Polish merchants to use and accept Bitcoin. Pay-outs are delivered quickly into service users’ in-country bank accounts, regardless of the balance size.

“Coinzone’s payment gateway offers multiple advantages for merchants. Quick and easy to use and requiring no special hardware, our solutions offer a simple and secure way to accept Bitcoin with no associated risk,” said Manuel Heilmann, CEO and co-founder of Coinzone, in a press release. “What’s more, Coinzone isn’t just for online retailers – it’s just as easy for merchants to start accepting in-store payments too.”

With a few clicks, merchants can set up Bitcoin acceptance at the point-of-sale, while mobile payments are enabled through iOS and Android applications. Coinzone’s platform includes easy-to-install plug-ins for dozens of popular e-commerce platforms.

“We’re excited to be part of such a vibrant Bitcoin market,” Heilmann said. “Businesses in Poland are eager to attract growing numbers of Bitcoin users, and our launch will enable businesses large and small to respond to consumers with a convenient yet secure Bitcoin payment process that delivers an exceptional user experience.”

The company’s launch in Poland represents the next stage in its ongoing European expansion. Coinzone recently opened its doors for business in the UK and Czech Republic, and additional new territories are due to come on-stream in the near future.

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