Coinzone Expands Bitcoin Merchant Services to Poland

In recent times, we have noticed how Bitcoin adoption seems to be thriving in the Czech Republic. That should come as no surprise, as Eastern European countries are not in the best shape – financially speaking that is. There is plenty of room for alternative payment methods, and Bitcoin seems to be a favourable option. And as of yesterday, Coinzone’s services are also made available in Poland.

Coinzone – Leading the Charge on European Bitcoin AdoptionCoinzone small

When it comes to Bitcoin adoption in Europe, there are a handful of efforts going on, but nothing major just yet. In saying that, I mean there are certain companies rolling out Bitcoin-related services across Europe, but the process is taking quite some time. As more and more companies approach the European market, they are trying to one-up each other to speed up Bitcoin adoption across the continent.

Coinzone’s main mission is to facilitate the integration of Bitcoin payments for merchants and retailers. Regardless of whether this takes place in the online or offline space, Coinzone will have a proper solution that will fit your needs And as a participating merchant, you will be able to reap the many benefits from accepting Bitcoin payments.

Not only are merchants able to expand their customer base on a global scale, but they can do so without making any investment in new infrastructure. If you already run a webshop, you will need to edit a few lines of code in order to accept Bitcoin payments, and if you want to accept it in-store, all you need is an internet-connected computer, or a mobile device.

On top of that, there are no transaction fees associated with Bitcoin payments, making it a “free” alternative payment method for the merchant. Even when you want to convert your BTC transactions into the local currency – and have funds deposited in your bank account the very next business day – there are no fees attached. Do keep in mind that Coinzone may charge a 1% fee per transaction to process payments – which is their cut and has nothing to do with Bitcoin payments in general.

Expanding Bitcoin Acceptance to Poland

Poland has all the tools and signs to become an interesting place in terms of Bitcoin adoption over the next few years. In fact, Coinzone is not the only company targeting Poland in terms of Bitcoin adoption, as Chip Chap recently brought their services there as well. In this case, the more, the merrier, as we want to see what kind of innovation and competition will come forth from this “Bitcoin services race”.

Coinzone is offering localized Bitcoin-related services to Polish customers and consumers. This localization effort ranges from market-specific language and payment processing to merchant settlement into Polish Zloty. It will take mere minutes for any Polish merchant to accept Bitcoin payments both online and offline, and dozens of popular e-commerce platform plugins are at your disposal.

Coinzone CEO Co-Founder Manual Hellmann told DigitalMoneyTimes that:

“Businesses in Poland are eager to attract growing numbers of Bitcoin users, and our launch will enable businesses large and small to respond to consumers with a convenient yet secure Bitcoin payment process that delivers an exceptional user experience.”

Source: Coinzone Blog

Images courtesy of Coinzone and Shutterstock