Colbitex, Colombia’s First Bitcoin Exchange Released In Testnet

Colbitex, Colombia’s First Bitcoin Exchange Released In Testnet

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On Jun 3, 2016, Colombia’s initial Bitcoin exchange, Colbitex, launched in testnet. The Colombian marketplace seems to have all a right characteristics for increasing adoption and a welcome of exchanges. Time will tell.

The Vision For Colbitex

The devise was founded by Roman Parra, an industrial prolongation operative and selling specialist, and Carlos Mesa, a resource systems engineer. When strictly launched, Colbitex will be a full-service sell permitting for a normal functionality users have come to design from exchanges, according to Latin American bitcoin publication, Diario Bitcoin.

Parra and Mesa also devise to supplement some arrange of alarm resource that will warning users when there is questionable comment activity. The goal, they say, is to forestall “illegal activities” on a exchange. There is no word nonetheless on the organic sum of this feature.

The Market in Colombia

The Bitcoin Market Potential Index (BMPI) constructed by a London School of Economics ranks Colombia

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