College Students Demand Police Investigate “Suck It Up, Pussies” Post-It Note As Hate Crime

Bitcoin Watch Shop / by Tyler Durden / Nov 26, 2016 11:20 PM

Today we learn of nonetheless another campus full of antagonistic Hillary snowflakes who were triggered by a post-it note suggesting that they should stop fussy about a choosing and only “suck it up, pussies.”  This latest instance comes to us from Edgewood College in a ultra-liberal citadel of Madison, Wisconsin around Campus Reform.

Apparently a elementary post-it note was dynamic to be a “hate crime” by a college’s “diversity offices” and students with believe of a occurrence were speedy to hit campus police.  To a finish shock, a summary from Edgewood’s Vice President for Student Development pinned a censure for a “hate crime” on Trump, observant that it is partial of a flourishing trend of “covert micro-aggressions and sincere macro-aggressions” that have “taken on new passion in aloft preparation given a inhabitant election.”

“A good understanding of fear, sadness, and annoy among students, faculty, and staff resulted, generally for those that accumulate in a [office space].  The summary was horrible and damaging toward members of a community. It disregarded each value that this establishment considers to be during the core.”

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