Combining WeFarm Education Methods With USSD Technology To Boost Bitcoin Adoption

Connecting people goes well beyond any Internet capabilities that might be available at any given time. Several countries around the world see a growth in the number of mobile devices, although not all of these mobiles can connect to the Internet. Companies such as WeFarm are bringing Internet-esque services to the unconnected, by relying on SMS technology. Projects like these open up a lot of opportunities for Bitcoin education and adoption as well.

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WeFarm Is A Quora For SMS Users 

Farming has the outlook of a business model that is about to die out soon, although the numbers will tell a different story. According to Wired UK, there are close to 500 million smallholder farmers worldwide, and nearly none of those has access to the Internet whatsoever. Not because these people do not deserve to be connected to the rest of the world, but simply because most rural areas have little to no Internet infrastructure at affordable prices.

This is especially true in areas such as Kenya, where the farmer population remains quite large. Accessing the Internet is possible for most of these people, assuming they fancy a several hour

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