Consensus 2015: What the Internet Can Teach Blockchain Innovators

Digital currencies remain an exciting new technology striving for mainstream adoption, but their struggle is not without precedent – The consumer and technical roadblocks they face are akin to those overcome by key Internet protocols.

Two new Consensus 2015 speakers will look back at the mainstreaming of e-commerce and Internet security, providing a deep dive into the historical lessons that could come to shape the technology’s future.


Last April the Heartbleed Bug was uncovered, revealing that the majority of websites on the Internet were vulnerable to information theft.

The bug was caused by a flaw in OpenSSL, a hugely popular cryptographic software library that encrypts data flowing through servers. According to the Netcraft Web Server Survey at the time, more than two-thirds of active Internet sites ran on two widely used open-source servers that relied on OpenSSL.

The news sent bitcoin developers scrambling since the Bitcoin Core at the time used the compromised cryptographic library.

Security pioneer… and Nick Szabo’s boss

christopher-allen-headshotThese are the sorts of Internet-wide events that Christopher Allen has been observing for over 20 years, as a co-author of the reference implementation of

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