Consensus Elusive for Jeff Garzik’s 2MB Block Size Limit Proposal

Bitcoin Core developer Jeff Garzik’s proposed compromise to double the block size limit to 2MB as a temporary solution is still far from reaching consensus. When asked by CoinTelegraph, developers from both sides of the debate were skeptical of the small bump in size.

Long-time critic of raising the block size limit, Peter Todd, remains critical of any raise for now, including a bump to 2MB. Instead, he’d still rather let Bitcoin hit the maximum amount of transactions the network can handle, in order for a fee market to establish. He told CoinTelegraph:

“As it is the development team is working flat out to keep Bitcoin functioning with the current block size. If not for the hard work Gregory Maxwell and Pieter Wuille have put into performance optimizations it’s likely the P2P network would have already collapsed under the load. With that in mind, do we really want to undo much of those gains and reduce our safety margin? I personally think at this point in time we’re much better letting fees go up a bit and giving the market an incentive to come up with real solutions to scaling Bitcoin.”

On the other side of the debate, Bitcoinj and

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