Core Developer Calls Andresen’s Acts the ‘Final Straw’

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Bitcoin developer Wladimir J. van der Laan has revealed his opinion about the revocation of Gavin Andresen’s commit access to the Bitcoin protocol. In a blog post, that describes his “personal reflection of recent events” he explains that his writing is not an official statement from Bitcoin Core. However, the developer says that when asked about reinstating Andresen’s maintaining privileges he and others say “no” and there is just no point.

“I wasn’t sure, and am still not sure how Gavin is involved in this. It is no longer likely that he was hacked, but at the very least he is confused. When we saw the blog post convinced he found Satoshi, the prudent thing to do was to revoke his ownership of the ‘bitcoin’ organization on github, under which the Bitcoin Core repository currently lies, immediately.”  —- Wladimir J. van der Laan, Laanwj’s blog

With the recent events of the Satoshi Nakamoto hoax played out by Craig Wright many have believed that the longtime chief scientist of Bitcoin Gavin Andresen had been compromised. While others feel he may have just been deceived, it has definitely caused some in the community to show a

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