Core Developer Jeff Garzik on a Similarities Between Bitcoin and Linux

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Before origination any contributions to Bitcoin, Bloq Co-Founder and Bitcoin Core Developer Jeff Garzik was a longtime Linux developer who started operative on a handling complement in a early nineties — before a origination of Red Hat. As someone who was concerned in a early growth of both Linux and Bitcoin, Garzik has a singular viewpoint on a common themes found in a dual particular growth communities.

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In a recent discussion with Trace Mayer on a Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast, Jeff Garzik common some of his thoughts on a probable parallels between Bitcoin and Linux.

Linux and Bitcoin Both Started with Volunteers

One of a pivotal attributes of both Bitcoin and Linux growth is both open-source platforms were creatively confirmed by volunteers. Garzik explained:

“I see so many parallels between Bitcoin and Linux in that, in a early days of Linux, we had university students [and] veteran engineers operative in their gangling time with this stuff. It was unequivocally really early theatre early efforts, and with Bitcoin it is really most a same way.”

The ultimate proffer in a box of Bitcoin was
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