Core Developer Jeff Garzik on the Similarities Between Bitcoin and Linux

Before making any contributions to Bitcoin, Bloq Co-Founder and Bitcoin Core Developer Jeff Garzik was a longtime Linux developer who started working on the operating system in the early nineties — before the creation of Red Hat. As someone who was involved in the early development of both Linux and Bitcoin, Garzik has a unique perspective on the common themes found in the two respective development communities.

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In a recent discussion with Trace Mayer on the Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast, Jeff Garzik shared some of his thoughts on the possible parallels between Bitcoin and Linux.

Linux and Bitcoin Both Started with Volunteers

One of the key attributes of both Bitcoin and Linux development is both open-source platforms were originally maintained by volunteers. Garzik explained:

“I see so many parallels between Bitcoin and Linux in that, in the early days of Linux, you had university students [and] professional engineers working in their spare time with this stuff. It was really very early stage early efforts, and with Bitcoin it is very much the same way.”

The ultimate volunteer in the case of Bitcoin was Read more ... source: TheBitcoinNews

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