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Core Developer Jonas Schnelli: Segregated Witness Improves and Optimizes Bitcoin Protocol

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The long-lasting retard distance brawl has catapulted into a core of courtesy again. One of a many talked-about developments is Segregated Witness, of that a open testnet iteration was launched final week. The creation as recently due by Blockstream co-founder and Bitcoin Core developer Dr. Pieter Wuille is a centerpiece of a scalability “roadmap” set out by Bitcoin Core.

To find out where a broader growth village stands on Segregated Witness, Bitcoin Magazine reached out to library and wallet developers; those who will need to do a complicated lifting in sequence to implement a creation once rolled out.

In partial 5 of this series: Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin C library developer Jonas Schnelli.

Less Than a Week of Work

Jonas Schnelli is an eccentric Bitcoin Core developer who also develops a libbtc library that runs on iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Linux and MCUs. Schnelli additionally founded, that is in a routine of formulating a elementary and secure hardware wallet.

Like many other wallet and library developers, Schnelli believes a formation of Segregated Witness would significantly advantage a Bitcoin protocol.


“I have review a applicable Bitcoin Improvement Proposals in detail, and have started experimenting with Segregated Witness to get

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