Corrupt Silk Road Secret Service Agent Arrested – Again

Shaun Bridges (33), the crooked Secret Service agent who stole money while he was supposed to investigate the Silk Road Marketplace, has been arrested again. He was arrested on Jan 28 at his home in Laurel, Maryland. It was just a day before he was supposed to turn himself in to serve the 71 months sentence, which was ruled on him by court.

The actual reason why Bridges has been re-arrested remains unclear. However, prosecutors published a PDF document where they detail what they found in the home of the ex-agent. They also say the man is a serious flight risk. The document goes by:

“The government recovered the following items: two “pelican style” bags which contained: identity documents; a passport card in Bridges’ name; a notarized copy of Bridges’ passport; corporate records for at least 3 different offshore entities ranging from Nevis to Belize to Mauritius, including one that Bridges created on October 28, 2015 after he had pleaded guilty in this case; a Samsung cell phone; and a thumb drive.

Also located in those bags were documents relating to his wife’s, Ariana Esposito’s, attempts to obtain citizenship in another country. Government agents also found a MacBook with the serial number scratched off, an iPad tucked between a bedroom mattress, and bulletproof vests, at least one of which had Secret Service markings and thus is believed to have been stolen from the government.”

Bridges was a member of the Baltimore task force investigating Silk Road. Shortly after the arrest of a staff member, Bridges learned how to log in to the site with admin credentials. He then locked out some of the biggest drug vendors and stolen around 20,000 bitcoins from their accounts. The stolen bitcoins are estimated to be worth around $300,000 at the time of the theft and later around $800,000.

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