Could Bitcoin Blockchain Save Banks from Hacking Attacks and Theft?

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Ever given a origination in 2008, unknown hacking groups have targeted critical bitcoin exchanges and wallet platforms such as Bitstamp, successfully retrieving over 5 million euros value of bitcoins from user supports and accounts.

Such incidents have followed complicated critique opposite bitcoin and a viability as a banking and has played a critical purpose in a gratefulness of a currency. Earlier final year for example, a Mt. Gox heist plummeted a cost of bitcoin, descending from around US$1,000 to US$200 per coin.

While bitcoin sell and wallet platforms have been deemed obliged for a burglary of millions, orderly rapist groups successfully accessed core supports of critical banks around a world, including a multi billion dollar bank Bulgarian Levs, that available sum detriment of US$2 billion dollars in 2014.

According to a bank’s statement, a embezzlers hacked a categorical servers and database over a integrate of years, by regulating a malware to entrance a desktops and inclination located inside a bank. The control of a core technologies authorised a criminals to clean out a support of their crime and a bank’s database records, withdrawal no snippet behind.

Their centralized banking systems with no suitable behind adult systems and technological protocols weren’t able of recuperating its

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