Could Brexit be a bonus for Bitcoin?

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A new survey from YouGov reports that Michael Stipe (almost) was right all along.

Okay, fine. But come on, America! Some of we still consider it’s not fine for group to cry? 

Some investigate has suggested that tears spurred by your emotions (rather than, say, a kitchen accident) recover chemicals from your physique that lead to MORE stress, thereby safeguarding we from other earthy issues, yet that isn’t zodiacally concluded on in a systematic world. 

Regardless, we literally could not get by life—or a workweek, or many movies, or an whole deteriorate of Bob’s Burgers—without crying. We are human. Sometimes H2O needs to come out of a head. Crying is like. . . sweating. It’s natural. It can make we feel better. we privately trust it’s mostly improved than repressing your feelings (as prolonged as we don’t do it in front of, say, your boss, or during your thesis defense). Do not repudiate your associate male a grace of a few (or many) tears.

This concludes my gothest FastCoNews post ever.

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