Could Nigeria’s Decision to Halt Dollar-Sales Boost Bitcoin Adoption

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Nigeria’s inhabitant banking Naira plummeted in value opposite a US dollars, amid a fall of tellurian oil prices.

The executive bank of Nigeria and President Muhammadu Buhari has already begun implementing several banking controls to equivocate additional devaluation of a currency. Due to fear of hyper devaluation and impassioned banking volatility, a country’s black marketplace exchanges have seen an bomb direct of US dollars, heading to a swell in a value of USD.

Based on a information supposing by Google Finance, a value of Nigerian naira fell to scarcely US$0.05 for one naira, recording an all time low given early 2005.


In Jan 12, 2016, a black marketplace rate for USD peaked to 282/USD according to financial blog Zerohedge, recording a towering 29.4% boost in a value of US dollars.

“Without a CBN’s support, it is misleading who will account BDCs and to what extent. Ultimately, we consider these magnitude are predecessor to a devaluation of a interbank FX rate – that we consider is a usually approach to residence a vast and flourishing reward for USD on a black market,” said Alan Cameron, an economist

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