Counterparty Supports SegWit, Adds BlockTrail CTO to Team

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Counterparty is one of the most important platforms built on top of Bitcoin to take things one step further. Even though most of the focus still lies on the financial aspects, Counterparty distinguishes itself as a platform to issue and distribute assets, as well as providing additional layers of security. In this day and age of digitizing everything, such a platform could prove to be an invaluable tool for companies around the world. The recent development update paints an interesting roadmap for the future of this project.

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Counterparty’s 2016 Roadmap

Many changes and updates are coming to the Counterparty platform, and users will be able to reap the benefits shortly. The first change coming is the introduction of subassets, which will allow asset owners to create a “child asset”. For example, if somebody issues the “PremierLeague” asset, they could make subassets such as “PremierLeague.ManU” and “PremierLeague.Chelsea”, and so on.

Similar to how assets can be traded on the Counterparty platform, subassets will enjoy the same type of functionality. But at the same time, there is an unparalleled range of flexibility to distinguish a subasset from the flock.

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