Cracked Version Of “FraudFox” On The Dark Web?

Your TOR usage is being watched

It’s a scary time for credit card holders. Online fraud is a hugely successful business for many criminals operating on the dark web and across the globe.

These online fraudsters operate by gaining access to illegally obtained credit card details and use sophisticated security blocks and spoofs to cover their tracks. As banks are generally bound to cover credit card fraud within their contracts it means that the cost is passed on to the customer via higher interest rates and credit card fees.

FraudFox is one method that helps perpetrators of credit card fraud avoid detection, and the previous weeks the program, retailing at $99 on the dark web was reported to have been cracked, which would allow a free-for-all for card scammers everywhere.

What Is FraudFox?

A credit card is a payment card issued to users (cardholders) as a method of payment.Fraudfox is a Virtual Machine based on VMWare. VMWare is software that mimics another computer’s setup – the VM stands for Virtual Machine. For instance you can use VMWare on a Mac laptop and run it up so

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