Craig Wright Is Not Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto According To New Text Analysis

In December, both Wired and Gizmodo identified Australian cryptocurrency expert Craig Wright as the man likely to be the elusive founder of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. The investigations, based on the same set of leaked documents, concluded that Wright either is Nakamoto, or else mastermind of a very clever hoax designed to lead people to believe he Nakamoto.

But a new analysis of Wright’s writing by a company which has been tracking Nakamoto via his anonymous texts for years concludes that he is highly unlikely to be the bitcoin founder. Indeed, the search for Satoshi Nakamoto goes on.

In the wake of the investigations, International Business Times asked Juola Associates, a firm that uses a technique called stylometry to identify the authors of anonymous texts, to compare Wright’s writing with texts known to be written by Nakamoto, such as the original bitcoin whitepaper published in 2009. “Based on linguistic evidence, we do not believe that Craig Wright authored the bitcoin paper,” John Noecker, chief scientist at Juola Associates said.

Noecker came to the conclusion using a text analysis tool called Envelope, which condenses “millions of different linguistic features that we have studied over the past 40 combined years of linguistic

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