CRIME: Police Warn Bitcoin Helping Underage Drinksters Get Buzzed


Do we ever locate your 12-year-old mumbling difference like “blockchain” or “satoshis”? Has your teenage daughter ever arrived home after curfew, stumbling drunk, looking like she’s been rode tough and put adult wet?

Police in Darien, Connecticut are warning parents that a new Darknet cryptocurrency called Bitcoin could be to blame.  Many immature people are now shopping high-quality feign IDs online regulating a deepweb currency. Typically teenagers are asked to compensate between $100 and $200 in BTC equivalent.

In new weeks, military have confiscated a series of tawdry IDs, pronounced Sgt. Jeremiah Marron. Many of a fakes are high-quality and scarcely uncelebrated from authentic IDs, Marron said.

Young people and their relatives need to comprehend that receiving feign marker is a critical crime with intensity rapist consequences, nonetheless their teen might usually be regulating a feign ID to buy ethanol or get into a bar, driver’s licenses are central government-issued documents.

drunk_bitcoin_teensBack in a 80’s relatives would ask their children to reset a VCR clock, though today’s techno teenagers are most some-more modernized and correct in a ways of a bitcoin.


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