CRIME: Psycho Bomber: Buying a Glock with Bitcoin Was ‘Like Buying Bar of Chocolate’


(UK) — The predestine of Liam Lyburd, 19, a demented teen hacker indicted of formulation a mass murder during his former college in Newcastle, is now in a hands of a jury.

The crypto teen pleaded guilty to 9 charges associated to creation 5 siren bombs, dual handcrafted bomb devices, possessing a handgun, bullets and CS gas. He denies 8 charges of possessing those equipment with an vigilant to discredit life during Newcastle College.

Bitcoin Made Purchase Easy

Lyburd, a gifted hacker, used a digital banking Bitcoin to buy a 9mm Glock gun on a Deepweb – a dim and tip partial of a internet not visited by normal law abiding citizens. Yesterday during his trial, a defendant, who claims to be an internet troll, stated:

Buying a gun was only like shopping a bar of chocolate. we didn’t see it as a large understanding during a time. we never suspicion we would get arrested, we suspicion we would keep it in my bedroom. No one would ever know.

Police were alerted by an online crony of a teen who grew endangered about his Facebook posts. The demented mechanism nerd

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