Crimes Against Children are Growing In Canada

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Data that CBC News has shared reveals the number of child pornography cases in Hamilton, and across Ontario has grown a substantial amount in the last 10 years.  The general feeling is that the exploitation is becoming a major problem and affecting more people every day around the world and needs a better look by law enforcement and other agencies.

“The amount of files coming to our attention is on a massive increase,” Staff Sgt. Frank Goldschmidt, Ontario Provincial Police Department, said.

The rise in social media and internet is being blamed because victims are being sought out easier online and not in person.

The rise in technology has also broadened for law enforcement, but they say that it is almost impossible to keep up with an “increasingly interconnected underground culture.”

In 2005 there were no child exploitation cases reported in Hamilton. In the last 10 years the numbers have increased at an alarming rate. Statistics Canada released data that showed 42 reported incidents in 2015.

2,038 unique IP addresses were found to be broadcasting either downloading suspected child porn, or present on a known child pornography website. All statistics were derived within a three-month period from just southern Ontario. Some of the nodes examined were also expandable, revealing that

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