Criminal Fails at Blackmail, Bitcoin Stereotypes Disproven

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A chemist threatened to kill supermarket shoppers with cyanide he bought on the dark web with bitcoins in a £2 million blackmail attempt. He’s received a seven-year prison sentence after racking up a long list of minor offenses and admitting to blackmail.

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Chemist Buys Cyanide with Bitcoin, Fails at Blackmail

David Ward Blackmail
Blackmailer David Ward, police mugshot

David Ward, 51, told a national supermarket it had contaminated food. Ward said it would cause “certain death.” He sent a vial of cyanide to the company’s headquarters: ten lethal doses.

Ward stated in a letter, posing as a group of disgruntled supermarket employees saying they were, “free to poison your products at any time of our choosing.”

“We have the power to destroy your company and we will unless paid,” Ward said, posing as the group of employees. “Don’t pay and people will die, I promise you, and we will want four million [pounds] then for the extra unwanted attention this would bring.”

DNA on the letter matched a sample he gave in 2012 due to unrelated charges.

“Had it not been for a DNA profile obtained from you in relation to

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