Criminals Can Buy GovRAT 2.0 Off The Darknet To Target US Government

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GovRAT, one of the most prominent malware types target US government computers, has undergone some significant changes. Nearly a dozen high-profile advancements have been noted by security researchers. At the same time, obtaining this malware has become a lot easier. THe toolkit is listed on darknet markets for the price of US$1,600.

While it is no surprise the US government is subject to many hacking attempts, things will only get worse over time. Internet criminals have been using GovRAT for quite some time now, albeit its success rate diminished over time. Thanks to the efforts by security researchers, most of the malware’s attack vectors have been neutralized.

A new version of this malware is making the rounds, which has researchers concerned like never before. Now that the toolkit can be purchased on the darknet for US$1,600. This malware will become a lot more widespread than before. Version 2.0 of GovRAT packs quite the punch as well, as nearly a dozen new advancements have been introduced by the developers.

GovRAT 2.0 Is A Serious Threat

To make matters even worse, GovRAT 2.0 developer Popopret is now working together with Peace_of_MInd. Some people may recall this latter name, as he

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