Crucial Bitcoin Scalability Topics to be Discussed at New Scientific & Academic Workshops


“This is going to be the most important Bitcoin conference of the year,” said Warren Togami, Technical Project Manager of Blockstream and Scaling Bitcoin committee member. Judging by the scope and focus of these ambitious workshops, he might not be exaggerating.

On September 12 and 13, the first of two Bitcoin scalability workshops will be held in Montreal, Canada. Hosted by CryptoMechanics, sponsored by about a dozen companies, and underwritten by Blockstream, Chaincode Labs, MIT Digital Currency Initiative and Chain, this first phase of proposals and presentations will focus on setting the stage for further discussions in phase two, which will be held in Hong Kong at a later date.

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Billed as an inclusive and transparent forum for Bitcoin’s engineering and academic community — “No exhibit booths. No distractions.” — the workshops hope to “aid the technical consensus-building process,” removed from the emotional vitriol that has come to characterize much of the debate surrounding scalability and the future of Bitcoin.

“We have to take the politics and drama out of what needs to be a highly technical discussion,” says

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