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Disclaimer: does not endorse nor support this product, use at your own risk. This is a Press Release. Submit yours today here! is not the largest cryptocurrency gambling platform available at the moment, but they are rapidly closing the gap! Currently, the casino offers Dice, Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, and Lottery as well as offers users to play with 8 different cryptocurrencies. Not enough? The site is continuously improving and adding more!

Multiple Games and Progressive Jackpot
The most popular game amongst players is Dice. It is as simple as it sounds; predict how the Dice will roll and earn money. There is a built-in auto-bet feature that allows you to employ different strategies without the monotony of constantly clicking. The casino offers other favorites such as Slots and Blackjack. The Slots are a simple 5-wheel fruit variant with chances for high payouts. Blackjack is also very popular offering multiple player options to allow for different playing styles. The most recent addition of Roulette is a European single-zero wheel to provide the lowest house edge. In fact, all of the games have extremely low house edges with the lowest being Dice at 0.8%. also gives back with an ever-increasing progressive jackpot for each coin.

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