Crypto Market & Silk Road 3 Starts Last Door Recovery Society Charity Drive

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Press release from Crypto Market Silk Road 3 admins (same one of both markets), as it was provided to DeepDotWeb:

On the 8th of June $5 from every sale will be donated to the Last Door Recovery Society(even if the sale does not amount to $5).

Last Door Recovery Society is a Vancouver area Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centre and a non-profit organization that operates two core programs, the Last Door Adult Program and the Last Door Youth Program as well as several adjunct rehab treatment programs for families and partner.

Crypto Market/ Silk Road 3 encourage harm reduction and responsible use of mind altering substances.

We have a section of the forum dedicated to harm reduction,which includes drug addiciton questionnarie, drug profiles (including dose information)and other useful information.

We urge all users who may have an unhealthy relationship with substance to cease use and seek medical help immediately.

This is not our first or only charity drive we encourage users to donate to bitcoin accepting charities on a regular basis.

Crypto market forum link can be found here

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