Cryptocurrency DNotes Announces New 2016 Venture

Popular bitcoin alternative DNotes is proud to announce an upcoming, 2016 venture that will spread its virtual atmosphere across the globe through integrating DNotes currency, the blockchain and a unified payment system.

Company co-founder Alan Yong says that the new company is sure to strengthen DNotes’ reputation and bring it closer to becoming a global, trusted cryptocurrency that the entire world can use.

Speaking with DCE Brief, Yong explained why he believes digital currency is still facing rejection by the general public:

“The greatest challenge facing the cryptocurrency industry is our present inability to understand the intricate web of factors that would move us towards mass acceptance of digital currency and facilitate the countless new ways of doing business that blockchain technology enables. We must learn to identify obstacles to that acceptance and make viable plans to overcome them.”

In an attempt to gain this acceptance, DNotes is currently being structured to meet the three primary functions of money: an account unit, an exchange medium, and a value store. While primarily self-funded, the company is now searching for outside funds to aid in its expansion, which will likely contain its own branch of banks and financial partnerships in the near future. DNotes is hoping to provide customers with a speedy transaction process and minimal fees, while also providing stability in its currency.

Yong further adds:

“It is important to realize that we are now equipped to confront the great global challenges of our time with bold solutions unimaginable only a few years ago. Hyper-connectivity is removing the historical barriers of distance, and collaboration with individuals halfway around the world is becoming as efficient as working with colleagues in the same office… The theoretical benefits of digital currency are not mere pipe-dreams. The future of money starts today, and it starts right here.”

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