Cryptocurrency Nextgen Qora ‘Reloads’ With Bitcoin Exchange & Social Network …

Qora, a second-generation cryptocurrency platform, that all but disappeared from sight last year, is poised to make a comeback with what has been touted as a “stunning feature set” and initial promotional support of Crypto Coins Exchange DK Aps (‘CCEDK’), which is based in Denmark. But haven’t we been here before?


Having made a splash last year, Qora, a platform that promised an impressive set of 2.0 features as a social network, faltered and then crashed into obscurity. Launched on 16 May 2014, the then new protocol had been designed to address and solve Bitcoin’s biggest problems whilst adding new features.


A press release from July 2014 disseminated by the organization proclaimed that: “Qora promises to be the best hope for the future of cryptocurrency” and the Qora Community was “poised to gain market share in the current slew of altcoins [i.e. cryptocurrency] as a result of number of innovative features and fast-moving development processes. The statement added: “While most other cryptocurrencies have been built on Bitcoin’s code, Qora was built from the ground up in Java, using native C libraries to perform the most CPU-intensive tasks.” It was noted too that whilst Bitcoin was popular, it has been “mirred in conceptual flaws” that cause its value to fluctuate wildly.


Now however with a new development team, new marketing and further additions to its protocol by implementing a Turing-Complete smart contracts mechanism and a databases management system – empowering the whole infrastructure – Qora provides users many more tools than ordinary payments that a simple wallet can facilitate. “It could be the phoenix of crypto” according to Ronny Boesing, CEO of CCEDK. Well, that’s the hope anyway.


Founded in 2014, CCEDK is a platform upon which buyers and sellers meet and transact their business directly with the new digital currency

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